I am loving the content of your website - what can I do next ?

Just contact us from the contact form on my website or give us a call and I can arrange to meet with you.I also do Skype calls. In most cases I can meet people directly and bring sample albums etc - I can also answer any of your questions.

How do we book you ?

I need just two things to book your wedding date –

  1. A booking fee to secure your date - standard across all our packages
  2. A signed contract specifying terms and conditions,  wedding date, location

I will discuss these with you when we meet to chat about your wedding.

Have you got a contract ?

All wedding bookings require a booking fee and a signed contract. It’s a standard contract that ensures that both you and I understand the requirements on the day so there is a clear understanding.

Are you insured and do you carry back up equipment  ?

Yes and yes we wouldn't have it any other way.

Do we have to decide on a chosen package at time of booking ?

No we offer a flexible approach in deciding on packages - you can alter your choice up to week of your wedding.

What happens if I cancel ?

We will try and be as accommodating as possible. If it is a change of date and we are available we can alter arrangements. Unfortunately if we are booked we cannot refund but will suggest other competent professionals.

Uncomfortable in front of a camera ?

Don't worry most couples have never had the opportunity to stand in front of camera that's why I make sure I have great contact with people on a personal level. This is when people start to enjoy hanging around me creating beautiful images. Other points to note are that much of my images are photo-journalistic or in other words not directed and just moments on the day. If you are still not comfortable why not do an engagement session with us and see for yourself how easy going we are with our couples !

When do we get to view our wedding portfolio ?

This depends on the workload at the time of your wedding – during the Spring/Autumn it tends to be quicker and Summer and Christmas weddings take a little longer. As a rough guide the photographs will typically be ready within 6-7 weeks of your wedding date, and often sooner than that.

How is our wedding album designed and proofed ?

We provide a draft album design to you on your USB. This baseline design can be altered to your requirements after you view full contents of the photography USB. We then alter the sheets as per your change requests before emailing you back revision controlled sheets for approval and eventual sign-off prior to us FTPing to our manufacturer.

What if you are sick on the day of our wedding ?

Thankfully I have excellent health ! As a professional I am also networked with many gifted photographers who I can call on in extraordinary events.

Do you work with an assistant ?

It depends on the wedding. If you are booking us jointly for photography and video then my very talented son Darragh is on video. For larger weddings my wife Mary will accompany - she is just great at organising and assisting on the day.

Do you do family portraiture on the day ?

Yes. For the most part my style is documentary, but I always cover family formals from an agreed set listing. As long as we’ve got everybody in one place then this usually takes 10-15 minutes. It’s a good idea to let your family know that this will be happening after the ceremony. Families are an important part of the day and should be covered.

How much of the day will be covered ?

Almost all our wedding will feature morning house calls to both bride and groom locations. The only condition is that distances apart are not to great. In this case we will draft in a second photographer to cover groom's house call. We are normally with our brides in the morning for 60-90 minutes. We like to be at the ceremony venue 30 minutes prior to starting. We give full ceremony coverage on both photography and video. After ceremony we call for families before taking bridal party / couple photographs at church or alternative location of choice. Hotel coverage is usually up to meal time but most of our wedding couples book us for coverage up to first dance.We photograph and film at the hotel in a documentary fashion.

How do you back up your images and protect them ?

This is a good question and very important. After each wedding we back up all our images to three independent hard drives as well as using a cloud storage solution. Our cameras on the day are all dual slotted so every image taken is recorded twice for robust redundancy.